The program provides varied activities to develop pupils’/students’ potentials, talents, leadership qualities, social awareness, responsibility and commitment to build the Reign of God here on earth. Moreover, it supports and supplements the curricular offerings of the school thus giving the pupils/students the opportunities to experience meaningful integration of academic learnings and non-academic experiences.

1. To develop pupils’/students’ talents, social and participative leadership skills.
2. To provide a venue for the learners to express their thoughts, feelings and needs.
3. To enable the pupils/students to share their time, talent and treasure with other communities in need.


1. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES – are the outflow and enrichment of curricular activities. They provide opportunities for the total development of the pupils’/students’ personalities.

2. ORGANIZATIONS AND CLUBS – are venues to promote the total growth of the pupils/students as Filipino Christians. Varied activities are provided to develop their talents, creativity, leadership qualities, social awareness, responsibility, poise, sportsmanship and interpersonal relationships.

3. OUTREACH PROGRAM – is one way of fostering community awareness promoting children’s rights and sharing concern to others especially to the poor and the needier. The clubs serve as venues for this program.


Every pupil/student from Grade 1 – 6 and I Yr-IV Yr is encouraged to join in a club of one’s choice where she/he can best make use of her/his time and talents.
The following clubs aim to:
1. Young Missionaries Club
- instills in the members the spirit of Christ, who was sent by the heavenly Father to redeem the human person in love – love for one self and for others especially the most unfortunate through humble and dedicated service.

2. Altar Servers Club
-establishes a deeper relationship with God by assisting during liturgical services in the school and in the parish and diocesan religious services.

1. Tang- Soo -Doo club
-develops the value of self- discipline among the members.
2. Educational Games Club
- gives opportunity to members to practice sportsmanship, calmness, tact, and analytical thinking in handling various game problems.

3. Sports Club

- develops skills in sports, maintains a physically fit body, strengthens the unity among pupils/students from different levels and to experience the spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship.

1. Filipino Club
- generates greater interest in the history of the Philippines and discusses the relevance and effects of past and current issues of pupils’/students’ lives; therefore making them responsible citizens of the world.
1. Homemakers Club
- develops in the pupils/students desirable attitudes and behavior toward homemaking skills thereby enhancing their appreciation for the art of homemaking
1. Math Club
- develops the pupils/students mathematical, analytical and logical thinking skills.
2. Young Scientist Club
- improves the scientific capabilities of the members through science activities.
3. Computer Club
- enhances and develops the pupils/students capabilities in manipulating computer through varied activities such as encoding, creating banners, certificates, cards, film showing and etc.

1.) Arts Club
- enriches the artistic skills of the members through activities such as cutting and pasting, letter printing, ceramics making and sculpture.
2.) Glee Club
- develops musical abilities to discover singing talents of pupils/students and to develop the spirit of cooperation and disposition to associate with others in the performance of music.
3.) Theater Arts Club
- enhances the God-given potentials of pupils/students as they share their talents in the fields of acting and dancing through active and willful participation of varied activities relevant to the signs of the times.
4.) Young Guitarist Club
- develops the potentials of pupils/students in playing the guitar and provides venues for them to tap their musical skills.
5.) Drum Corps
- gives opportunity to members to develop their talents in playing musical/rhythmic instruments and provides venue for community involvement.
6.) Creative Arts Club (All Grades 1 and 2 Pupils)
- provides the learners venues for self- expression in the fields of Music, Arts, P.E. through varied activities.

1.) Young Writers Club
- develops the literary talents of the pupils/students.
2.) Booklovers Club
- develops the pupils’/student’s love for reading, the ability to choose useful and worthwhile reading materials and the right value of books. It also aims to inform the pupils/students of the library’s many functions and how they can learn more through proper utilization of the library.



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