The Holy Spirit School of Tagbilaran City is owned and administered by the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (S.Sp.S). She aims to serve the educational and developmental needs of the province of Bohol in the Christian spirit of love and service.

The MISSION CONGREGATION of the SERVANTS of the HOLY SPIRIT, is caught up in the mission of the Church to proclaim the saving love of the triune God to all people., making them witnesses of this love to their fellow human beings.
The Holy Spirit School of Tagbilaran City is one of the instruments in the realization of the S.Sp.S mission of creating communities of persons imbued by the Trinitarian Spirituality.
Holy Spirit School is an agent of change for the transformation of society towards communion of communities, committed in educating pupils/students for total human development, pursuing Truth in Love, promoting love of country, justice, peace, service and integrity of creation, providing opportunities for equal partnership of men and women through a gender-fair education.


Communion of communities of persons loved by the Father, sent by the Son, empowered by the Holy Spirit living in a healthy environment and enjoying fullness of life in a gender fair society.


We commit ourselves to educate, enthuse, facilitate the formation and development of our pupils/students to live Truth in Love by word and action in the pursuit of justice, peace, gender equality and ecologically balanced community.


Guided by the Trinitarian Qualities of life-giving relationship, we aim:
to provide able personnel, conducive atmosphere and support services that can empower pupils/students to graduate spiritually and be academically prepared, community oriented and gender-fair with integrity, and a sense of mission to the country and to the world.

CORE VALUES: The Trinitarian Life Giving Relationships of

1. EQUALITY The recognition that all men and women are created in the image and likeness of God brings out mutuality in relationships and equality in dignity as human beings
This means that I
v Recognize, accept and respect each person regardless of sex, social status, religion and age.
v Am aware of my on dignity as a person neither superior nor inferior to any other person.
v Strive to initiate and maintain gender-fair practices free from discrimination and exploitation.
v Work for equality in rights and opportunities and equity in distribution of privileges according to need.

2. UNIQUENESS. The recognition that each one has a God-given mission in life, a unique contribution to the realization of God’s dream in the world.
This means that I.
v Cannot be replaced in fulfilling my mission nor can my life be repeated and lived by someone else.
v Am responsible for discovering and accepting my own Go-given mission and living it out.
v Am simple in all my choices and in the way I live and relate with others
v Honor the personal calling of each one avoiding stereotyping, dominating, putting down other persons rather accept and affirm one another’s gift and weaknesses, celebrating our differences,

3. UNITY. The recognition of our calling to be a community of persons, relating with one another in love, joy peace and moving together in responsible freedom toward our common vision and mission.
This means that I
v Continually foster and restore right relationships with God, self, others and the whole of creation.
v Strive to practice and promote sharing, teamwork, co-responsibility and cooperative learning
v Cultivate and conserve our natural resources, taking time to enjoy and savor our oneness with nature

4. CONSTANT COMMUNICATION. The recognition of our personal and communal needs and capacity to relate with God and with one another in the process of building community.
This means that I
v Cultivate the art of active listening, seeking and responding to God’s will in all aspects of my life
v Live the Word (Truth) in the Spirit (Love) nourished by the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist
v Seek first to understood, practicing empathy and true dialogue (‘I message”)
v Am open to a critical and responsible use of media and technology as tools of development

5. MISSION. The recognition and constant awareness of our communal vision and mission as members of the HSS community sent to proclaim the Good News to all.
This means that I
v Keep in my heart and mind the Gospel values expressed in our HSS vision-mission as a guide to all I do.
v Help align all our school practices and policies with ONE common vision and mission
v Am responsive to issues on women, youth, IP’s and ecology, our priority mission conquers
v Involve myself in parish and civic activities in the appreciation of our Filipino culture and in local , national, global issues affecting the common good

The Grade School Department aims to form and equip the learners with fundamental knowledge and skills, attitudes and values, necessary for the formation of the whole individual through its curricular and co-curricular programs which enable them to:
1. develop basic Christian values as guide for Christian living especially the values of the Trinitarian relationships
2. discover and develop their talents to enhance gender-fair relationships for mission;
3. develop love of country, moral character, personal discipline, social consciousness, scientific and vocational efficiency
4. prepare them to meet the needs of a fast changing society
5. enhance their intellectual capacities in preparation for high school life
6. Actively involve themselves in activities towards the building of Basic Ecclesial Communities within the school community and the lager community.

The High School Department aims to develop a skilled, mission-oriented and responsible Filipino Christian adolescent who is academically prepared to meet the demands of the fast changing world by providing the students curricular and co-curricular programs that will empower them to:
1. know and develop their sense of self and appreciation of their being a man/woman
2. understand and appreciate their rights and responsibilities as persons and as agents of change
3. enhance their intellectual capacity in preparation for college life
4. discover and develop their talents to enhance relationships for mission
5. involve themselves actively in activities toward the building and strengthening of Basic Ecclesial Communities in school and in the larger community
6. translate and live Gospel values especially the values of the Trinitarian Life Giving Relationships in their day to day life
7. develop their ability to think and work cooperatively
8. value and love their Filipino heritage


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