1. There shall be four grading periods using the CUMULATIVE METHOD. This means that the final grades for second to the fourth grading periods are computed such that the previous grade shall be given a weight of 30% and the tentative grade shall be 70% of the grade for the period.

2. The numerical system of grading is used with 95 as the highest and 65 as the lowest, for every grading period.

3. The fourth quarter grade for each subject is the final grade for that particular subject. The general average is rounded off to 2 decimal places.

4. Criteria for marking each subject will consist of the following:
a. Class Standing-is equivalent to 70%
This would include quizzes, long tests, chapter tests, unit tests,
recitations, homework/assignments, projects, character and other activities
b. Periodical Test-is equivalent to 30%.

5. The passing mark in any given subject is 75 or higher.

Only pupils/students who can cope with requirements set for both academics and conduct may be promoted to the next year level.

1. Grade School Department
To quality for promotion, a pupil must have a general average of at least 75%.
If a pupil fails, she/he is retained in the same level. However if she/he fails the second time, the school reserves the right to recommend her/him for transfer.

2. High School Department
Promotion is by subject. In order to be promoted, a student has to receive a final rating of 75% or above in any subject.
If a student fails in a particular subject, the school reserves the right to recommend her/him to transfer.


1. The Report Card is issued personally to parents on a Saturday two weeks after the periodic test.
The card is returned to the adviser the following Monday after it has been signed by the parents to show that they are aware of the performance of their child.

2. In case of those parents whose child have failing grades and were not able to get the cards during the designated dates, they are required to come for a conference with the class adviser or the subject teacher concerned. School authorities are not held responsible for future complaints of parents who do not submit for a conference regarding their child’s failure on the appointed date.

3. Pupils/Students with lost report cards should inform their advisers and submit an affidavit of loss.


1. Determination of Honors in the Graduating Class
Any member of the graduating class is eligible to be a candidate for
honors if he possesses the following:

a. Has completed the Grade 5 and 6 levels for elementary; third year and fourth year High School in HSS.

b. Has completed the curriculum within the prescribed length in years.

c. Is an active member of at least one of the existing authorized pupil/students organizations or clubs.

d. Has conducted herself/himself in conformity with the description of an Ideal Graduate and standards set by the school in her/his compliance with school rules, regulations and policies.

2. Criteria for grading and evaluating the candidates for honors

a. Quality Weight
Scholarship 7 points
Extra/Co-Curricular Activities 3 points
10 points

b. The ranking in scholarship is based on the general average of the grades of the graduating pupil/student. She/He has no grade lower than 80% in any subject and has no final grade lower than 85% in any subject.

c. The ranking in extra/co-curricular activities is based on the performance of the candidates for the last two years and the combined assessment of the administrators and the teachers of the graduating class.


1. Certificate of award are given to all outstanding pupils/students.

a. Grade School
Medals will be awarded to the First Honors, Second Honors and Honorable Mention of the graduating class.

b. High School
Medals will be awarded to the Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honorable Mention of the graduating class.

II. Loyalty Award:
The Holy Spirit School Medals are given to those graduates who studied in the Holy Spirit School or in any of its sister schools in the Philippines from Grade One up to Fourth Year.

III. Special Awards:

1. St. Arnold Janssen Award: This is an award given to a pupil/student who has been in HSS during her/his entire elementary education and has been inspired by and life the ideals of St. Arnold. The recipient has shown exemplary performance in all academic and non-academic activities.

2. Blessed Maria Helena Award: This is an award to a pupil/student who has shown exemplary behavior of simplicity, humility, generosity, participative leadership and mission in the spirit of Truth in Love.

IV. Achievement Awards:
An achievement award is given to the gradating pupil/student who displays proficiency and skill in the specific field of endeavor as described and defined in each or the given criteria.
Criteria for each field/award:
A. Best in Math
1. Proficiency in the subject
(no final grade lower than 90% in Gr. 5-6)
2. Participation/winning in Math competitions
3. Deportment

B. Best in English/Filipino
1. Proficiency in the language
(no final grade lower than 90% in Gr. 5-6)
2. Participation and winning in contests such as oratorical, declamation, extemporaneous/impromptu speaking, spelling.
3. Deportment

C. Best in Campus Journalism
1. Proficiency and skill in the use of English or Filipino in written outputs
2. Contribution/Publication of articles in school paper or local paper.
3. Participation in journalism contests (division, regional, national levels).
4. Position/Designation held in the school paper and other literary groups.
5. No final grade lower than 85% in English or Filipino in Gr. 5-6.
6. Deportment

D. Best in Dramatics
1. Proficiency and skill
a. Acting skill and ability
b. Involvement in dramatics (major production in school/out-of-school)
c. Participation in school drama/activity/workshop.
d. Winning in drama/stage play (school, division, regional, national level).
e. Deportment

E. Best in Science
1. Proficiency (no final grade lower than 90% in Gr. 5-6)
2. Participation and winning in contests (investigatory project, science fair).
3. Deportment

F. Athlete of the Year
1. This award is given to a graduating pupil/student who has distinguished herself/himself in her/his field sport.
2. Must have no failing grades in any subject.
3. Has not been guilty of any disciplinary infraction.
4. Has displayed sense of responsibility, leadership, cooperation and respect for authority.

G. Artist of the Year
0. Proficiency and skill in visual art-related activities.
1. Participation in art contest in school and outside.
2. Outstanding Performance (awards, citations, leadership in arts).
3. No final grade lower than 85% in Arts, THE (Practical Arts) subjects

H. Best in Music
1. Proficiency and skill in the field of music (singing and playing musical instruments).
2. Participation and winning in musical contests held in school and outside.
3. Leading and accompanying holy masses and other related activities.
4. No final grade lower than 85% in Music.

V. Leadership Award
1. Leadership position in a school organization/club.
2. Participation/involvement in school organization/club.
3. Attendance in leadership training/seminar/workshop.
4. Academic Performance
-No final grade lower than 85% in any subject.
-No final grade lower than 85% in character.


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