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HOLY SPIRIT SCHOOL of Tagbilaran is one link of the chain of educational institutions owned and operated by the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (S.Sp.S) all over the world. It was founded in 1926 by the late Msgr. Gelacio Ramirez, a diocesan priest.it started as a dormitory to shelter girls who were studying in Bohol National Highschool. Like a mustard seed which grew into a tree, she grew and developed until she reached the stature that she is today. On October 16, 1926 on the feast of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the first three S.Sp.S. Sisters: Sr. Laeticia, Sr. Blasia and Sr. Josaphata arrived in Tagbilaran. This was in answer to the request made by Father Gelacio Ramirez for the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit to work in his parish in Tagbilaran, Bohol.

Realizing the missionary zeal of the three pioneer Sisters, Father Ramirez helped them open in a kindergarten with nineteen (19) enrollees on November 1. This was the humble beginning of the elementary and high school which soon followed. The school was called St. Joseph's Academy in honor of the Patron of Tagbilaran. With a total of forty-nine (49) pupils, the school year began in 1927-1928. The following year 1928-1929 brought in more than two hundred (200) pupils from Kindergarten to Grade Seven and First Year high school. The enrolment consistently increased every year until the outbreak of the war when the enrollment came up to five hundred sixty six (566). Classes were temporarily suspended during the war years.

They were resumed on June 4, 1945. Post World War II saw a big stride in the development of St. Joseph's Academy. A permit to offer a two-year course leading to the title of Elementary Teacher's Certificate (E.T.C) was obtained from the Bureau of Private Schools. Consequently, a change in the name of school took place-from St. Joseph's Academy to St. Joseph's Junior College. The school pioneered 354 in this venture- so the enrollment was very good. The early fifties witnessed the beginning of college courses in Music, Education and Liberal Arts. Accordingly, the façade of the school got a new look with the sign board "St. Joseph's College" and later "College of the Holy Spirit."

With the increase in the yearly enrollment, the old building (Saint Arnold Janssen Building), could no longer accommodate all those who desired to study in College of Holy Spirit. So plans necessitated the putting up of another building which is now called Blessed Maria Helena Building. Behind the task of putting up of another building and its facilities, which our pupils/students presently enjoy was the untiring effort of Sister Doloresmaria, S.Sp.S., the Superior/Directress of the school with her community of Sisters who worked together with the pupils /students and parents, borrowed and begged from relatives, friends and benefactors and dared to risk. The building was inaugurated by the Most Rev. Manuel Mascariñas on December 5, 1865. In 1974 the college department was phased out. Thus, the next school year, the name of the school was changed to Holy Spirit School of Tagbilaran. The school celebrated its Golden Jubilee in October, 1976. Holy Spirit School, in her quest to offer a quality education, has continually updated in all its curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings.

The institutional redirection has brought about the use of innovative strategies, improvement of facilities and changes in some school policies. These are all affirmed since the school had its preliminary PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of School, Colleges and Universities) Self-survey in 1985 to its Formal Survey in 1988, the Resurvey for two terms in 1991 and 1996. HSS takes the pride of being the First and Only PAASCU accredited school in the Province of Bohol for the past two decades. In 1998, responding to the needs of the school community, the SSpS congregation ventured into a magnanimous endeavor, that is, to realize the HSS expansion project. Members of the HSS family such as: the Alumni/Alumnae, the Federated Parents Teachers Association, and other benefactors supported this undertaking. Thus, a third building named Mother Josepha building was constructed and now stands along the Remolador Street. In July 2001, Holy Spirit School celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. It was a great homecoming for all who have once been seeds sown in her fertile ground, and now have taken their places in the fast-changing society. Fittingly, it was also this same year that the Holy Spirit School doors opened for the first time to male high school enrollees. This move was a concrete step towards the realization of HSS vision for a gender-fair education.

HSS lives on to her motto: Truth in Love where each one acknowledges himself/herself to be loved by the Father sent by the Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Grateful for and dependent on God's grace for her existence, she continues to stand today, a school committed to the education of the Christian Filipino who is willing to meet the cultural and practical demands of her/his ages… a school where a genuine Catholic atmosphere permeates through the BEC and gender fair way of life, where the Truth in Love touches every person, every relationship, every learning experience.


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